What People are Saying About Bob Greenfield

“There’s something about your energy that invites and actually forces me to downshift
in order to join you in your space. I know I’m moving too fast to be effective; working with you is extremely helpful.”

- Executive Advisor client, Owner of Investment Company

“Bob, your Coaching client has transformed, and I can see his progression each time we meet – I’m impressed!”.

- VP Human Resources, Fortune 500 Entertainment Company

“Your skillful touch, flexible style, and disarming presence was incredible
in enabling our Team to open up with you and with each other. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you!”

- CEO, Non Profit Agency

“Without the masterful contribution of Bob Greenfield, there’s no way we would
have had such an excellent outcome for this Retreat.”

- Senior Executive, Federal Government Agency

“Bob is a perceptive listener and deep thinker – he brings great awareness and
valuable insights to the engagement.”

- Executive Advisor client, Senior Executive of Entertainment Company

“You did an amazing job of pulling our Executive Retreat together
with very little lead-time - thank you!”

- Owner / CEO, Energy Company

“I went into my last year-end review with my resignation typed and ready to
sign, and told my boss that without your help I would have seen no way through the year. Without agreement to retain you, I
would have given notice during the review. Your insight has shown me a path forward. I can't think of a
greater value statement...I owe you a great debt. Diligence on one's self is a hard thing. A good
guide helps.”

- SVP, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

"Our entire Executive Team felt energized by the retreat and have already scheduled an All
Hands meeting with the staff next week.
You did an excellent job in facilitating and helping us create a clear path forward. We've already
started to implement the plan we developed during the Retreat. I still can hardly believe we made
it through the agenda and accomplished as much as we did. Thank you."

- Division Director, Federal Government Agency

“With just a couple of insights and your unique way of framing things, you’ve helped me
to see some exciting new possibilities.
I’m completely re-energized.”

- Executive Coaching client, Technology Company

"You can't tell that Bob is using techniques. He just does what works."

- Senior Executive, Federal Government Agency

"Bob, I can't thank you enough for the great work that you did
for us in planning and leading our management Retreat.
You had a profound and very positive effect on the entire group!"

- Executive Director, Non Profit Health Care Agency

“What a Day! And thank you for the great synthesis of our
Team’s discussion, especially the action items. I will work on it during my trip home. You are the best, Bob!”

- COO, Health Care Agency

"...Due to your pre-planning and adept and flexible handling of the group,
we were able to elicit exactly the kinds of information we were looking for."

- Client for a series of Focus Group Sessions

“Bob, this was the most productive retreat our Department has ever had.
Thank you for your guidance and facilitation. You were a great investment for us!”

- Senior Executive, Health Care Agency

“Bob - thanks for the great coaching meeting on Monday. I've already
taken action on your feedback in the last 2 days.”

- Executive Coaching client, Fortune 500 Entertainment Company

“Thanks Bob for all your help and participation in our Retreat.
From my point of view it was spectacular and we will follow
up on all those items that were presented.”

- COO, Small Health Care Company

“I am more invigorated than ever to get on with this new phase in my career!”

- Executive Coaching client, Fortune 500 Entertainment Company

“You did a great job - a number of people commented on how you were there when needed,
but not overbearing! Your style was perfect!
Thanks so much!

- Senior Executive, Federal Government Agency r

"Bob, thanks for your efforts yesterday. I thought you struck just
the right chords. Whether that was instinct, the result of your preparatory work, or both, it worked out
extremely well. I look forward to working with you again soon."

- Assistant Administrator, Federal Government Agency

"Working with you has been a pleasure! You did an excellent
job helping us, guiding us, and providing us the proper amount of direction and latitude."

- Deputy Assistant Administrator, Federal Government DepartmentM

"I have participated in numerous meetings like this one, but never one as well facilitated
or nearly as productive. You made it look easy. Thanks!"

- Senior Executive, Federal Government Agency

"Bob, the impact of our retreat and your marvelous facilitation and guidance is still going strong. Thanks to your help, the Board and I have made great progress in developing a new and focused direction for the organization. Everyone is now moving in the same direction. Thank you!"

- Chief Executive, Non Profit Agency

“Thank you for doing such a great job with our Executive Retreat — your
level of attention and commitment must have left you exhausted each day.”

- President, Large Non Profit Agency

“We heard absolutely rave reviews about the meeting... you made a terrific impression,
and I’m sure we’ll invite you back to work with us further. Thank you!”

- Senior Executive and Coordinator, Multi-Agency Federal Government Task Force

“The retreat went very well to a great extent as a result of your
in-depth knowledge and the prep work that you did with me to make sure that we were able to both stay on
track and explore some of the more challenging communication issues that we have between our Board and Management.
I am really grateful for your help.”

- Board Chairman, Large Non Profit Agency

“Bob - thanks so much for all of your work in putting this weekend together.
It went surprisingly well, and I am quite pleased with the results. I think a stronger team was built this
weekend - and only good things can come from that!”

- Senior Executive, Large Health Care Company

“I wanted to thank you so much for your suggestions during our Coaching Session.
I did exactly what you suggested with my management team and it worked perfectly.”

- Executive Coaching client, Executive Director for Non Profit Agency

“Thank you again for your strong engagement leading up to the
retreat and a great job of facilitating. It allowed the management team to have some valuable
discussions and to outline a clear consensus on how to proceed over the next 5 years on key issues.”

- Office Director, Federal Government Agency

“Just wanted to express my appreciation again, for your guidance
throughout as well as your skillful performance yesterday. Even the toughest critics thought it was a success,
and begrudgingly acknowledged how helpful you were.”

- Assistant Administrator, Federal Government Agency

“Amazing job this morning, both in facilitation and in challenging our perspectives.”

- Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Biotech Company

“Thanks again for a great retreat. You did your usual great job of leading
us through some difficult issues.”

- Board Chairman, Mid-Sized Health Care Agency

"Bob, Thank you for a fine job supporting us through the retreat -
best retreat for us yet!"

- Senior Executive, State Government Agency

“I just wanted to thank you for coming out yesterday. You sure did get the staff buzzing... everyone
thought it was a useful and beneficial session. Great job! Thank you again and we'll see you in April!"

- Manager, Financial Services Non Profit Agency

"Bob, we were all VERY PLEASED with your work, and for my part, I was thrilled and appreciative.
We couldn't have done it without you."

- Director, Non Profit Health Care Foundation

"Bob, thanks for the quick turnaround on the notes and, once again, for the truly excellent work in supporting the Retreat. All of the managers were pleased with the results and cited your contributions as a key factor."

- Office Director, Federal Government Agency

"Thank you for assisting us with our Retreat. This is probably the first serious effort by our company to ensure that our managers work as a team despite our philosophical differences. Through your coaching we were able to arrive safely, with minor turbulence, to our new destination. Thanks a million!"

- Senior Executive, Health Care Company

"You are a great facilitator and it's now clear to me why my
executives like working with you."

- Assistant Administrator, Federal Government Agency

"Due to your pre-planning and adept and flexible handling of the group,
we were able to elicit exactly the kinds of feedback and information we were looking for."

- Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Biotech Company

"Bob, you did a great job at our retreat. It came home to me again as
I realize we have a list of customers, a vision, a mission, and a clear idea of how we will work."

- Manager, Federal Government Agency

"...Because of your excellent facilitation, we accomplished much more
than we had hoped to, and are continuing to follow up. Thank you!"

- Office Director, Federal Government Agency

"You have a way with people - keeping their interest high and making the session enjoyable."

- Senior Executive, Federal Government Agency

"There is only one word that comes to mind to describe Bob - outstanding!"

- Office Director, Federal Government Agency

"If you have another Executive Retreat, make sure to use Bob Greenfield
as the consultant.”

- Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Biotech Company