Organizational Assessments and Analyses

For organizations that need to improve but are not sure where to start, GMS conducts a variety of simple but critical assessments that point to questions people at all levels should be asking. GMS assessments clarify organizational needs and help focus improvement efforts.

Deciding where to start is often the most important judgement in an organizational improvement process, whether it involves improving teamwork within a Division or reorganizing an entire organization. This judgement is best informed by a clear understanding of the organization's actual impediments to success and opportunities for improvement. GMS' organizational assessments provide our clients with essential and actionable information in a number of critical areas:

  • Workplace culture and employee morale
  • Leadership impact and effectiveness
  • Customer service and quality
  • Communication effectiveness and team work
  • Creativity and innovation
  • The nature and causes of a particular problem

GMS assessments provide clear information, direct and objective feedback, and most important, specific recommendations for moving forward. Ultimately, GMS provides its clients with greater clarity and perspective enabling them to lead and manage organizational change in the most informed way possible.