GMS Philosophy

Organizational Health

GMS' concept of Organizational Health is an outgrowth of our comprehensive and holistic way of looking at both an organization's outcomes and sustainability with equal emphasis.

An unhealthy organization can create short-term successes and effectiveness that are not sustainable and which may erode the very capacity to perform. GMS' Organizational Health concept encompasses six primary dimensions, the first five of which result in the sixth:

  • Operational health. Effective and efficient processes and systems, and appropriate technology.
  • Workplace health. An atmosphere and work culture that enables employees at every level to advance organizational and personal objectives in concert.
  • Quality of Relationships with customers, shareholders, the workforce, and the communities within which the organization operates.
  • Quality of the organization's Vision and Plan.
  • Quality of the organization's Leadership and Management.
  • Financial health.

Financial health is that last dimension because, while critical, it is a by-product of health in the first five dimensions. Breakdowns within any one of the dimensions will compromise an organization's overall health regardless of how strong it is in other dimensions.

Individual Effectiveness

An individual may be effective, but if not satisfied over time, performance effectiveness will inevitably diminish. GMS focuses on Individual Effectiveness because, while the organization needs to have a collective aspiration, the work of fulfilling that aspiration is an individual undertaking. Further, health in each of the six dimensions described above is a function of individual effectiveness.

The GMS Advantage

GMS helps its clients create results that are sustainable by considering multiple dimensions of an organizational health equation and by focusing on individual employee effectiveness in a unique way. The critical by-product of working with GMS is increased client awareness.

"Your skillful touch, flexible style, and disarming presence were incredible in enabling our Team to open up with you and with each other. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you!”
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“You did a great job - a number of people commented on how you were there when needed, but not overbearing! Your style was perfect! Thanks so much!"
Senior Executive
Federal Government Agency
"If you have another Executive Retreat, make sure to use Bob Greenfield as the consultant.”
Senior Executive
Fortune 500 Biotech Company
"Bob, thanks for your efforts yesterday. I thought you struck just the right chords. Whether that was instinct, the result of your preparatory work, or both, it worked out extremely well. I look forward to working with you again soon."
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"Working with you has been a pleasure! You did an excellent job helping us, guiding us, and providing us the proper amount of direction and latitude."
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"There is only one word that comes to mind to describe Bob - outstanding!"
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