GMS Biography

Bob Greenfield is the principal of Greenfield Management Strategies and is based in Los Angeles. Bob’s consulting and coaching practices are tailored for organizations and individual leaders who want to take their game to the next level. During the past 30 years, Bob has worked with hundreds of organizations including fortune 500 and start-up companies; large multi-national, mid-sized, and small non-profits, and a variety of federal and state public sector agencies. He continues to enjoy a diverse clientele and practice.

Today, Bob works primarily with executive teams, boards, and individual leaders. He brings his extensive organizational consulting experience to his work as an Executive Coach and Advisor and works with Coaching clients both within and outside of the work setting. Bob is a valuable guide and partner offering clients an insightful sounding board that is both challenging and supportive. He works just as effectively with the C-Suite as with mid-level executives and individual contributors. Utilizing his broad perspective and ability to integrate practical wisdom from the behavioral sciences with sensible business acumen, Bob is a master at helping his Coaching clients clarify and then effectively create the kind of impact and results they want at work and in life.

Bob’s organizational consulting focuses on enlightened leadership, effective communication and teamwork, leading and navigating change, sensible organizational strategy, and creating healthy and sustainable cultures at work and within Teams. He provides a variety of services including organizational health and effectiveness assessments; designing and leading executive, board, management, and staff retreats and workshops; working with executive teams on their cohesiveness and teamwork; and advising on an array of initiatives from strategic planning and customer service to leadership development and workplace culture. Because of his broad experience across organizations, Bob brings tremendous value in helping line staff understand and appreciate the concerns of their leadership while enabling leadership to more readily anticipate the expectations and needs of their workforce.

In addition to degrees in Psychology and Public Management & Organizational Behavior and various professional certifications, Bob holds a Black Belt in Hap Ki Do and incorporates martial arts principles into his client work. Bob resides with his family in Los Angeles, is an avid reader, and enjoys playing basketball and practicing yoga.